Today, the first impression of your business happens digitally. If a business prospect or client clicks on your team page, your about page, or your company’s social media pages, will they be impressed by what they see?  

Don’t risk having low-quality images or poorly taken photographs ruin the first impressions of your business! The best way to plan for professional, polished photos for your website is to consider several business photoshoot ideas and talk them over with your local headshot photography experts. 

At Local Headshots, we give all of our business clients several choices for setting, location, and time of day. Before you book a session, consider these ideas and talk it over with your team if you’re investing in a team photoshoot:

  • Time of Day. Are you at your best in the morning, afternoon, or early evening? We all run on different rhythms and timelines. For example, mornings are probably filled with appointments and service calls if you’re in the home services industry. If an evening photoshoot suits your business better, a professional photographer will accommodate your schedule. 
  • Indoor or Outdoor. Outdoor photos can showcase your team’s personality and display your storefront or office in the background. But weather can be unpredictable, and Charlotte area temperatures can be unpleasant in the middle of the day during the summer. If you like the idea of an outdoor team photo, but the weather isn’t cooperating, talk with your photography team about photoshop options. Can they take your photos inside and photoshop the storefront into the background later? 
  • Professional Headshots. Ask about individual booking times to accommodate busy work schedules and ideal commute times. While most headshot photographers will come to your location, it might be difficult for everyone on your team to be at the same place at the same time. Sales calls, meetings, and running a business can get in the way. If certain members of your team aren’t available during the onsite photoshoot, ask if your local headshot photographer offers a studio location for individual headshots. 
  • Corporate Events. It’s OK if you can’t get all of the photos taken in one day. Especially if you’re updating the headshots on your website, team photos on social media, and other corporate photography items, ask about photography for corporate events and outings. Most corporate headshot photographers offer on-location photography and are happy to meet your team where they are. 

Before you invest in a business photoshoot, talk with your team members about the sessions. Despite the age of the smartphone and “cameras everywhere,” many people are still camera shy. Make sure your team knows how important these photos are to your company, and share your reasons for the investment with them, so they look their best participate with a smile . Below are some tips to help you better explain the reasons behind your company photoshoot:

  1. Credibility – High-quality images are now the norm, and people expect credible companies and organizations to show up with personalization and transparency. The internet is a visual game, and it is up to you to put the best version of your company online for everyone to see. By asking your employees to participate in a company photoshoot, you’re inviting them to elevate their level of visibility in their careers, too.
  2. Professional Editing – When getting professional photography done, many people miss the opportunity to look genuine and relaxed in fear of looking less than perfect. With expert headshot photography, professional editing will come standard with all photos. Our team can edit pictures so that everyone looks their best – there’s no need to worry about poor image quality. 
  3. Brand Distinction – Using professional photography for your website and social media channels give prospects and customers an introduction to your brand. At Local Headshots, we always consider your brand and add brand touches whenever possible. Being part of a brand that invests in the appearance of employees elevates their image, too.

At Local Headshots, we know it’s important to showcase the best version of your company and your team online. While stock photography works for some companies, make sure your team page and social media profiles showcase the people who stand behind your brand. Save the stock images for blog posts and service pages. 


We can work to accommodate your schedule, even if you have a large team. Fill out our short form, and we’ll get back to you with several scheduling options, or Call us at 803-548-4464 to learn more.

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We offer a variety of professional corporate photography options. If a website makeover is part of your business plan, we do that, too. Need an updated logo? Yes, we can do that, too. The team behind Local Headshots is also an expert branding team, and we’re here to support your business long after your photos are complete. 

Here are a few corporate team images from our portfolio: