Lifestyle photography is a powerful sales tool because it provides an image of how the customer will actually use your product or services. It’s easy for people to imagine themselves calling your company for service or clicking through to make a purchase when they can see it online. Think of lifestyle photography for your business like a modern-day print ad for your product or service, but it’s on your website and makes selling much easier.

With lifestyle photos, your product or services can be absorbed instantly by your audience and potential customers. Instead of reading through all the features and benefits in text form – they can quickly scan the images and understand exactly what your company provides. They’re also great for social media posts! 

Capturing the feel of candid, beautiful moments and real-life scenarios is a professional photographer’s job. Lifestyle photographers meticulously plan shoots to capture effortless-looking images with care for their business client’s websites, social media accounts, or digital and print advertisements. 

Here are a few examples of business lifestyle photography in action:

Real Estate Lifestyle Photography

real estate lifestyle photo charlotte NC

Realtors work extra hard to help buyers find the perfect home! The Realtor shows off her personal joy in handing over the keys to a new home to a buyer. A lifestyle photo like this one is much more effective and unique than a “posed” photo of a Realtor holding a sold sign.

Personal Trainer Lifestyle Photo

When people consider hiring a personal trainer, they’re not thinking about the diet, the hours in the gym, or the costs. Instead, they’re interested in RESULTS. A lifestyle photo for a personal trainer business or gym can use the trainer or a volunteer client; most clients will be proud to show off your work! 

Salesperson In Their Element

salesperson lifestyle image

If you’re a salesperson trying to drive awareness to your products or services, capturing a photo in your showroom speaks to an audience much more than a headshot surrounded by text. 

Preparing for a Lifestyle Shoot for Your Business

Lifestyle shoots are an opportunity for people to get creative and show a new side of themselves. Sometimes, these can feel like high-pressure situations because you’re working on a short timeline under challenging conditions. Here are some tips that will help ensure your success:

Get Comfortable with Your Clothing Choices

Don’t choose a brand new outfit and put it on 30 minutes before the session. Instead, choose a minimum of 2-3 outfits and wear them at home for a few hours in the week leading up to the shoot. If something feels tight or shoes are uncomfortable, it will show up in your expression. If you need a recommendation, we’ll be happy to make suggestions and help you look your best! 

Don’t Forget to Breathe!

It can feel daunting when you’re in the middle of a lifestyle shoot in a public place or standing in front of your coworkers! It’s important to remember that the photographer will work hard to make you look great; we have been at this for years and are very experienced so trust us as best you can by slowing down your breath (count 5 on inhale/5 on exhale) or even counting backward from 100. Find something to focus on other than your smile or how you look.

Focus on What You’re Doing

At Local Headshots, our lifestyle photographer will focus on telling a visual story about the real you, living your real professional life as much as possible with minimal staging or posing. In most cases, you’ll be doing something or standing in front of a background that will capture equal attention from the viewer. Focus on what we tell you to do rather than your smile or your position. The result will be much more natural and down-to-earth, and that’s what lifestyle photography is all about!